Wind Chimes turned on a lathe

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Wind Chimes turned on a lathe free plan
Wind chimes are becoming increasingly popular pieces of garden furniture. Although such chimes are not a new idea, and can be made in a wide range of materials, there is a contemporary type which uses aluminium tubes for producing the sound. Unfortunately, some of these are very crude and even the best designs I have seen leave something to be desired. Since these wind chimes are usually based on a circular form they lend themselves to turning and I have developed some ideas which I hope will appeal to readers.

Frame Saw

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How to Build a Workshop Frame Saw.
Here is a pretty simple frame saw I made using a 24 inch section of bandsaw blade tensioned across arms and stretchers made of hard maple. A frame saw can be used to resaw thick boards, or to rip wide boards. It is much more efficient than a hand saw in these applications due to its narrow kerf. The blade should be under high tension, and should emit a high-pitched ping when plucked. Here is a rough outline of how I made mine.

Simple Box turned on a lathe

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Simple Box turned on a lathe
Turning boxes can be a source of considerable satisfaction not least because they require a certain degree of skill. There is the challenge of creating a satisfactory design, making a well fitting lid, and finishing the box to the level required for an object which is likely to be treasured by its owner for many years. Small boxes can be used for keeping many things: stamps, pills, paper clips, buttons, as well as rings, and other small pieces of jewelry, in short any of those small items which we all seem to accumulate.

Revolving Finishing Stand

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How to Build a Revolving Finishing Stand.
There is more to spraying a finish than squeezing the trigger on a spray gun. To get a smooth, even finish, you need to spray all sides of a project, if possible. Which is precisely the idea behind this spray finishing station. You simply set the project on the rotating turntable, then spray, spin, and spray again.

Building a flexible Baidarka Kayak

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Building a flexible Baidarka Kayak.
Today, you can find an abundant number of kayak types easily available for purchase – so why build a boat yourself? I feel that following the generation of a boat from a bundle of wooden strips to a usable kayak is satisfaction per se, especially when it is based on the beautiful designs of historical kayaks developed by the Eskimos in arctic regions, and when the project culminates in the view of a completed frame.