Boat – Oarmouse

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Free plans to build a 14 ft boat.
Build a fast 14ft one-man rower that comes out of two sheets of ply. Designed for flat water, you will notice that in order to reduce the fuss at the waterline to a minimum, I have worked the waterline at the design displacement so that it just kisses the chine.

Wildcat Sail Boat

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Free Wildcat Sail Boat Building Plans.
A sailboard rig is going to be a winner on looks and also efficiency, but everything else about this boat has got to look cool and be efficient too – in order to match that sail in the kids minds, even the daggerboard and rudder have got to have a little something about them. It also has to be a sit-on boat rather than a sit-in one. The basic dimensions close I have chosen are close to those of a couple of plastic mass-produced designs aimed at the young and intended for the same sort of purpose as here.

Little Breton Lapstrake Pram

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How to build the Little Breton Lapstrake Pram.
The idea for this pram came to me as I sat in the shade beside the dock of a small Breton port in late summer. A small boy not much older than my six-year-old son was playing in a round-bilged little simulated clinker pram; he was an expert at rowing and sculling and he seemed to be having a grand time.

Micro Auray Punt Boat

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Micro Auray Punt Boat plan
This is a one sheet version of the punt, adjusted to be made of just one sheet of plywood. As it happens, the boat scales down very nicely. The overall shape is conserved beautifully. Both length and beam are 3/4 of the original, so the L/B ratio is the same, about 2.2.