Toggle Bolt Hold-Downs

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Woodworking Tips to Make Toggle Bolt Hold-Downs.
My portable workbench gets pressed into service as a stand for several of my benchtop tools. But instead of breaking out the clamps every time I want to attach a tool to the workbench, I came up with a shop-made hold-down. It is faster and easier to use than clamps, and it can be made from a few pieces of commonly available hardware and a wood dowel.

Clamping Station PDF

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Free Woodworking Plan to Build a Clamping Station.
To meet clamping challenges head-on, I built this wall-mounted clamping station. It combines the glue-up area, clamps, and drying area into a single location. So there is no need to worry about cleaning off a workbench when it comes time to glue up a panel. The cutting diagrams and materials list are available to download in this Online Extra.

Clamp Blocks

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Free project Clamp Blocks info
When edge gluing boards, I use scrap blocks to distribute the clamping pressure and avoid marring the edges. But sometimes the blocks shift out of position or fall to the floor before I get the clamps tightened. To solve this problem, I made a number of U-shaped clamp blocks that slip over the edge and stay right where I put them.