Sanding Block

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How to make a Sanding Block
For the longest time, I used a scrap piece of wood for a sanding block. It was simple and did not cost much. But it never worked as well as I would have liked, the sandpaper tended to shift around and tear. Recently, though, I came up with a new sanding block that works really well. Not only is it sized to fit my hand perfectly; it also holds the paper in place using plastic tubing.

Router Edge Guide Jig

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Router Edge Guide Jig free project
I have been using my hand-held router a lot lately. For one project, I had to rout some stopped dadoes. With this kind of cut, an edge guide is almost a necessity. And although most router manufacturers offer an edge guide as an accessory, it is really no trouble at all to build your own. As you can see in the photo, it is just a replacement base made of hardboard with an adjustable hardwood fence.

Slide Forward Monitor Bridge

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Slide Forward Monitor Bridge free project.
Some people with visual challenges need their computer monitor pulled up very close. While other members of their households need the monitor much farther back. This Slide-Forward Monitor Bridge lets you pull the monitor forward very easily and put it back when you have finished