Clamping Station PDF

To meet clamping challenges head-on, I built this wall-mounted clamping station. It combines the glue-up area, clamps, and drying area into a single location. So there is no need to worry about cleaning off a workbench when it comes time to glue up a panel. The cutting diagrams and materials list are available to download … Continue reading Clamping Station PDF

Adjustable-Height Assembly Table PDF

Ever wish you could raise (or lower) the top of your workbench just a few inches to make it a little bit easier to work on a project? Or use the bench as an outfeed support by rolling it around the shop so it is right next to one of your stationary tools? That is … Continue reading Adjustable-Height Assembly Table PDF

Roll Around Shop Tool Cart PDF

Moving a pile of workpieces around the shop can be a hassle. Or if you are working at one tool, it is nice to have an extra worksurface to help keep everything organized. With our roll around shop cart, both problems are solved. The cutting diagrams and materials list are available to download in this … Continue reading Roll Around Shop Tool Cart PDF

Horizontal Mortising Machine PDF

What makes this mortising machine so fantastic is the fact that it can create perfect mortises quickly and easily. The way it works is simple. The workpiece is clamped to a sliding table, and the router is mounted to a carriage that travels on a pair of drawer slides. By pulling the lever arm forward, … Continue reading Horizontal Mortising Machine PDF

Mini Lathe Stand PDF

A mini-lathe packs some pretty serious turning capability into a tiny package. But just because they are small does not mean that you can set your mini-lathe up on a wimpy, lightweight stand. Just like a full-size lathe, a mini-lathe needs a tool stand that is heavy and rigid enough to absorb vibrations. The cutting … Continue reading Mini Lathe Stand PDF

Table Saw Workstation PDF

Portable power tools, like a table saw or router, are great when you are working away from the shop. But once they are back home, the challenge is to make them perform like hard-working stationary tools. This workstation provides the solution. The cutting diagrams and materials list are available to download in this Online Extra.

Table Saw Cabinet PDF

At a glance, this table saw workstation looks like it is supported by a single, long cabinet. But it is not. Actually, there are three separate cabinets. Each one is built as an individual unit. Then the cabinets are set side by side like giant building blocks and fastened together. The cutting diagrams and materials … Continue reading Table Saw Cabinet PDF