Folding Drop Leaf Table

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Free woodworking plan for a Folding Drop Leaf Table
There are several variations on these drop leaf tables and we chose the simplest one, with a single leaf and a fifth leg that swings out to support it. It is perfect for a foyer and can be built with basic tools and a small table saw in a home workshop.

Circle Cutting Jig Model

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How to build a Circle Cutting Jig Model
A table saw is not a tool you think of when it comes to cutting a workpiece into a circle. But with a shop-built circle cutting jig, cutting a circle up to 40 inches in diameter is quick, easy, and accurate. And it results in a surprisingly smooth, even edge. This 3-D SketchUp model is available to download in this Online Extra.

Workshop Sharpening Center

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Free Woodworkking Plan to Build a Sharpening Centre.
When it comes to sharpening my chisels and plane irons, having a convenient worksurface and handy storage for all my supplies is always a challenge. This sharpening center easily solves these space and storage problems. The cutting diagrams and materials list are available to download in this Online Extra.

Mobile Sanding Station

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A DIY Mobile Sanding Station Workshop Project
The clouds of dust produced by my sanders make sanding my least favorite task when building a project. Thankfully, this mobile sanding station makes the job a lot less messy. The cutting diagrams and materials list are available to download in this Online Extra.