Marquetry patterns PDF

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Free Marquetry patterns PDF
Australian Woodsmith is a practical magazine for all woodworkers. From Issue 47. The marquetry technique I used on the box lid involves cutting out a pattern on the panel and then replacing the piece with small inlays of other kinds of wood to form a design or picture. All you need is a scroll saw, some small pieces of wood, and a bit of patience.

Workbench Corner Hook Jig

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How to make a Workbench Corner Hook Jig
I have found that a bench hook that mounts over the edge of the workbench is a great way to hold a workpiece in place. But the traditional bench hook that I was using had one annoying fault. It would not always stay put. A sudden tip or slide along the bench was a common occurance. So I came up with the new and improved corner inches hook that you see here.