Build A Garage

Build A Garage Free Construction Plans
A garage without a floor? Sure! This garage is designed with cost in mind. It is an ideal project for the person with a limited budget, who does not want to pay the full up-front costs of a completed garage, yet wants something practical and useable in the meantime. This garage can be built and used prior to a concrete floor being laid. Hard ground with a bit of metal thrown on top can be used indefinitely as a garage floor until the time or money can be found to incorporate a concrete slab. Add an iron roof cover and plywood cladding, and this makes for a very cost-effective garage indeed!

Hideaway Worktable

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Hideaway Worktable free project
In the past when I built a project from plans, those plans either took up valuable benchtop space or hid tools on the wall. I needed a place to put them where they would be within easy reach, but out of the way. This hideaway table solves the problem.

Resawing on the tablesaw

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Resawing on the table saw free project plans.
Resawing is cutting thin pieces of wood from a thick piece of stock. (In effect, ripping on edge.) A quick way to do this is on the table saw. Before you get started though, there are two safety precautions that are a must. First, to reduce the chance of kickback, use a zeroclearance insert with a splitter (see Photo at this site). Second, be sure to use a push block when making a cut.

Adjustable Tool Tote Sawhorses PDF

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Adjustable Tool Tote Sawhorses PDF Plans
These sawhorses feature a convenient bin in the base for storing tools, clamps, and other items. And the divided upper tray is a great place to keep often-used hardware and hand tools organized and within easy reach. But here is the best part, you can adjust the top of the sawhorse up and down. So no matter what you are working on, the sawhorse can be set to a comfortable working height. The cutting diagrams and materials list are available to download in this Online Extra.