Spar Plane Made Inexpensively

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Spar Plane Made Inexpensively
There is a less expensive way to a high-quality end, and that is converting old flea-market woodies. Auburn, Ohio Tool, Fulton, and dozens of other 19th-Century manufacturers competed hard with each other in quality and value. These planes are generally beech with thick, tempered cast-steel irons some of them laminated like today is Japanese blades and mild steel cap irons.

Router Mortising Jig

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Router Mortising Jig free project
Here is the router jig I built recently; I pulled it from Gary Rogowskis book Router Joinery. It is simple and cheap to build. I just used some scrap 3/4 inch MDF. I made the base long enough to easily clamp on my Workmate. The sides are about 20 inches. The sides are rabbetted to make it easy to glue/screw them squarely onto the bottom.

Quick Change Clamp

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Quick Change Clamp How-To Workshop Shortcuts.
Switching the flexible hose on a portable dust collector from one tool to another is a nuisance. I am always fiddling with a screwdriver, loosening and tightening the hose clamp that holds it in place. To speed things up, I made my own quick release hose clamp from a clothes hanger and a scrap of wood. This clamp fits around the hose and then snaps tight like the wire clip on an old-fashioned canning jar.