Sheet Goods Mover

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How to Build a Sheet Goods Mover.
Few shop chores rival the awkwardness of moving large sheet goods by yourself. And it is nearn impossible to get them up on sawhorses without help (or the horses skittering across the floor). You will never again have to cajole reluctant family members into helping if you use this sheet goods mover system.

Plywood Carrier

free woodworking plans, projects, plywood
Free Woodworking Plan to Build a Handy Plywood Carrier.
One of the more awkward things to handle around the shop is big sheets of plywood. With my bad shoulder it is almost impossible but with this handy plywood carrying device its a breeze. Put the plywood in the notch, pick it up with the handle and balance the top with your other hand. Now that is a lot better than the alternative!