Bunny Puzzle

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Bunny Puzzle Free Scrollsaw Patterns
Here is a unique and fun wood project that is child friendly! Three bunnies are cut in a cleaver way that allows them to form a puzzle. They fit together snugly and are painted as one to look like a mother bunny snuggling with her little ones. However, when pulled apart, they magically become three bunnies!

Wooden Push Reel Mower Toy

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Free Plans to Make a Wooden Push Reel Mower Toy.
This is not an original design, I built this toy based on a photo that I came across. I had been planning to build a pull toy following the traditional balls in a cage inches design which I had read in a book. When I came across this design I was captivated by the intricate way the clacker blocks were mounted in between the wheels. The resemblance to the old-style push reel lawnmower, which I have and use, was another strong factor in my desire to build this toy.

VW Beetle Toy

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VW Beetle Toy Free Woodworking Plans.
This is a cute VW Beetle car project, that takes a little thought, I had problems making the first set of fenders, I think I can cut through some of the trial and error for you. For material, I used walnut for the body and ash for the fenders.