Drill Press Inserts

free woodworking plans,workshop projects, drillpress jigs
Free plans for Drill Press Inserts
As any drill press user knows, trying to clamp a workpiece directly to the cast iron table can be trying. The reinforcing ribs on the underside of the table can sometimes make positioning and tightening a clamp nearly impossible. After struggling with this problem for far too long, I resolved to solve it with this drill press insert.

Small Drill Press Table

free woodworking plans, projects, drillpress jigs
How to DIY and Build a Small Drill Press Table.
I have seen lots of fancy drill press tables for large drill presses but never anything for the small bench top presses. I decided to take it upon myself to design and build my own. It looks very similar to the big ones and I have used some of ideas that looked like they would fit a small table.

Drill Press Jig

free woodworking plans,workshop projects,drillpress jigs
Drill Press Jig free project
The work tables on most drill presses are designed for working with metal. For working with wood, we need a larger work surface and a more versatile way to clamp the work piece. This drill press table, by use of T-Track , hold down clamps, and toggle clamps permits accurate clamping and positioning of the work piece.