Sheet Goods Mover

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How to Build a Sheet Goods Mover.
Few shop chores rival the awkwardness of moving large sheet goods by yourself. And it is nearn impossible to get them up on sawhorses without help (or the horses skittering across the floor). You will never again have to cajole reluctant family members into helping if you use this sheet goods mover system.

How to build a plywood canoe

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How to build a plywood canoe.
You can build your son or daughter a plywood canoe in a weekend. The simplest canoes are made of just 3 pieces of plywood: the two sides, and the base. More complex shapes can be created, but these instructions are for a simple canoe.

Bunny Puzzle

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Bunny Puzzle Free Scrollsaw Patterns
Here is a unique and fun wood project that is child friendly! Three bunnies are cut in a cleaver way that allows them to form a puzzle. They fit together snugly and are painted as one to look like a mother bunny snuggling with her little ones. However, when pulled apart, they magically become three bunnies!

Jeep Off-Road Toy PDF

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Free Plans to Build a Jeep Off-Road Toy.
While designing different cars for my sons Pinewood Derby scouting event, I came up with the idea of a derby car Jeep that meets the official rules for the derby. If you do not have a derby participant in your family, the bright colors will still make it a great toy for any age.