Shop Built Tablesaw Tenon Jig

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How to build a Shop Built Tablesaw Tenon Jig
A tablesaw tenon jig like the one shown here is easy to build and easy to use on any saw with a plain, unencumbered rip fence. The jig is designed to ride along the fence, offering sliding movement accurately parallel to blade as well as easy positioning for cutting centered or offset tenons, lap joints and bridle joints.

Router and Drill Dowel Making Jig

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How to Make a Router and Drill Dowel Jig.
About twenty years ago, Woodsmith Magazine published a drawing for an ingenious dowel-making system in their readers tips column. I am sorry to say I have never been able to identify which issue it was in, so I can not properly credit the reader who submitted the idea. Credit is deserved; this router jig works like a charm.