Replacing an Interior Door

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Replacing an Interior Door free project
What this homeowner would like to do next is replace the plain hollow core doors in her hallway with something more attractive and substantial. This seemed just a little too challenging for Karen to handle on her own so she requested a HouseCall and Ron was more than happy to oblige.

Repair and Install a Pocket Door

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How to Repair and Install a Pocket Door
A pocket door is actually a sliding door that goes inside the wall. Hidden parts can make them tricky to replace when something goes wrong. The pocket door we replaced had a missing latch, a track that was noisy and did not slide very smoothly, and some alignment problems.

Boy Scout Walking Stick Hiking Staff

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How to Make a Boy Scout Walking Stick Hiking Staff.
The walking staff or hiking stave is an important part of a Pathfinders equipment, especially when hiking or camping. Suitable woods are hickory, ash, oak, iron wood (or muscle wood), and good grades of elm, sugar maple, wild cherry, yellow birch, mountain ash, and Saskatoon.

Drop Leaf Table

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Drop Leaf Table Free Plans
Our traditional drop left table is a versatile, compact piece of furniture, offering a multitude of uses in your home decorating plans. For example, placed in your entry hall under a mirror, it can be a warm welcome for your guests, or you can open both leaves and place it beside your couch to showcase a special lamp. You can even open one leaf and use the table as a bedside accent to support your reading lamp and telephone. Thanks to its versatility, the Drop Leaf table has as many possibilities as your imagination can conjure.