Polycarbonate PVC Roof Framing

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Polycarbonate PVC Roof Framing
Pvc and polycarbonate sheet roofing come in a variety of profiles, sizes, and colours. Quality and prices vary immensely. The most common profile is corrugated. Quality varies enormously from cheaper pvc sheets up to lifetime guaranteed polycarbonate sheets and the price varies accordingly. Guarantees range from zero to lifetime. Sometimes the cheapest is not the most cost effective. Pamphlets relevant to the type of sheeting required are usually available from most stockists, it is advisable to read them.

Craftsman Style Futon Sofa Bed

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Craftsman Style Futon Sofa Bed Free Woodworking Plans
From sofa to bed in seconds. All it takes to convert the sofa to a bed is to lift and pull out the seat frame. A plush mattress makes for comfortable sitting and sleeping. A unique hardware system and a hand-held router template make it possible to build your own futon. Heavy-duty, solid-wood construction and Craftsman features make it a pleasure to build.

Kids Pushcart Toy

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How to Build a Kids Pushcart Toy.
This type of lumber cart is by no means new. In fact the basic design has been around for many years, which is really a testament to the usefulness of such a toy; a toy that has helped many a child to take their first step to evolve from crawler to toddler. Apart from helping children to learn to walk, it also is a transporter for your child to move toys and blocks etc. to and from around the room. The pushcart is probably the most practical and entertaining toy a crawler or toddler can have!