Craftsman Style Futon Sofa Bed

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Craftsman Style Futon Sofa Bed Free Woodworking Plans
From sofa to bed in seconds. All it takes to convert the sofa to a bed is to lift and pull out the seat frame. A plush mattress makes for comfortable sitting and sleeping. A unique hardware system and a hand-held router template make it possible to build your own futon. Heavy-duty, solid-wood construction and Craftsman features make it a pleasure to build.

Tip and Turn Table PDF

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How to Build a Tip and Turn Table with Free PDF Woodworking Plans.
When you see this tip top table for the first time, it is hard to know where to focus your attention. Between the figured veneer of the top, the graceful curves of the legs, and the six-sided column, there are plenty of things to catch your eye. The cutting diagrams and materials list are available to download in this Online Extra.