Cat Kitty Condo

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Cat Kitty Condo Easy DIY Project
This is a project gone wild due to a lathe in the shop. What happens when you try to build what could have been a simple kitty condo in a shop with a new lathe? 18 columns, a total of 158 beads and 19 balls, among other spindle fanciness, highlight the excesses resulting from a near total lack of design control. Let is hope the cats are impressed.

Mini Lathe Stand PDF

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Build a Mini Lathe Stand with Free PDF Plans.
A mini-lathe packs some pretty serious turning capability into a tiny package. But just because they are small does not mean that you can set your mini-lathe up on a wimpy, lightweight stand. Just like a full-size lathe, a mini-lathe needs a tool stand that is heavy and rigid enough to absorb vibrations. The cutting diagrams and materials list are available to download in this Online Extra.