Round Table

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Free Woodworking Plans to Build a Round Table.
My dad had built me a round kitchen table for the house I had bought just the year before. My dad likes to build things rather massive, and the base for this round table was especially massive. It was not my style, and I was afraid I would keep hitting it with my knees. So we struck a compromise and built another table together, this one based on my own design.

Small Sandpaper Cutter

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Sandpaper Cutter DIY Plan
Standard sandpaper comes in 9 x 11 inch sheets. But this is rarely the size that I need. Most often, I end up dividing a sheet into smaller pieces to fit my sander or a sanding block. For a long time, I made do with simply folding the sandpaper and then tearing it. But this crude method often gave me less than satisfactory results. So I decided to come up with a more reliable way to do the job. See my DIY sandpaper cutter.

Tool Storage Rack

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How to Make a Tool Storage Rack.
These tool storage racks can be built to the size that best fits your workshop layout and available wall space. The ones pictured on the are 4 feet high by 4 feet wide and could have been built 4 feet high by 8 feet wide or any other size to fit your wall space. You decide on the size that best fits your workshop situation.

Storage Case Pull-out

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How to Build a Storage Case Pull-out Cabinet.
I never seem to have enough storage space in my shop….So, to store these and other small items, I built a pull-out storage case, like you see in the photo. The case is large enough to hold a couple of small plastic storage cabinets with lots of drawers (the kind you find at hardware stores and home centers). I also added a few shelves to store other items.