Till for Carving Gouges

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Till for Carving Gouges Free Woodworking Plan
I find it very inconvenient to try to carve from a canvas chisel roll, because I can not see the shapes of the tools. Also, the rolls take up an immense amount of real estate when spread out on the workbench, and the sharp gouges quickly cut them to shreds. I finally did something about it. I built this portable, modular carving tool till.

Router Base Plate

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How to Build a Router Base Plate.
A friend said his Hitachi M12V did not have a large enough throat to accommodate the larger horizontal panel raising bits. It is a simple process to cut the offending template bushing ears off. But what if you wanted to use a template bushing after removing these ears? I decided to put my explanation in picture form. I hope that it helps others who may have the same issues.

Indoor Grow Light Stand

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Indoor Grow Light Stand Free Woodworking Plans
Text and photos by Tom Hintz – My wife, Beth, is an avid gardener who does not allow trivial things like winter impinge on her passion for growing things. Recently she showed me a few indoor grow light stand designs, all based on 2×2 or 2×4 frames, designed for circle saw, hammer and nail construction.