Small Sandpaper Cutter

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Sandpaper Cutter DIY Plan
Standard sandpaper comes in 9 x 11 inch sheets. But this is rarely the size that I need. Most often, I end up dividing a sheet into smaller pieces to fit my sander or a sanding block. For a long time, I made do with simply folding the sandpaper and then tearing it. But this crude method often gave me less than satisfactory results. So I decided to come up with a more reliable way to do the job. See my DIY sandpaper cutter.

Downdraft Sanding Table

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Downdraft Sanding Table Free Woodworking Plan
After many requested I provide a good plan for a downdraft table, here are the plans for my table that I use. Building a downdraft table is a must for most hobbyist shops that do lots of power sanding and carving. So is building or buying a portable hood that can be directed right next to the work.

Sanding Block

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How to make a Sanding Block
For the longest time, I used a scrap piece of wood for a sanding block. It was simple and did not cost much. But it never worked as well as I would have liked, the sandpaper tended to shift around and tear. Recently, though, I came up with a new sanding block that works really well. Not only is it sized to fit my hand perfectly; it also holds the paper in place using plastic tubing.