Kitchen Storage Trays

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How to build Hideaway Kitchen Storage Trays
In this kitchen, we have mounted four storage trays in that under-cabinet space. These trays pull open like regular drawers, but then they drop down at an angle and lock in place, putting spices, knives, or your favorite recipe right at hand.

Space Saving Clamp Rack

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Free Workshop Plans to Make a Space Saving Clamp Rack.
Build this simple clamp storage system. With this system, the clamps hang on plywood holders that are mounted to a pegboard wall unit. To save space, sturdy support arms on the holders let you stack clamps face to face, several clamps deep. So even a small bracket can hold as many as four clamps.

Saw Blade Holder Case

free woodworking plans, projects, workshop, storage
Saw Blade Holder Case Free Project Plan
I have some pretty nice saw blades for my table saw but unfortunately I just keep them in a pile in my cupboard. Not only does it make it hard to find the one I am looking for but I am sure it is not good for the blades. This tablesaw blade holder box should do the trick to solve both problems.