Queen Anne Table PDF

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Queen Anne Table PDF Free Project Plans
An 18th Century Masterpiece evolved from a distinguished original antique. This is a collection piece and an authentic copy of the original reproduced from drawings made especially for the Woodford mansion collection by Edward Austin Walton, nationally known authority on Period Furniture.

Planer Table Adjustable

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Planer Table Adjustable free project
My portable planer works great for planing lumber to final thickness. The problem is, the short infeed and outfeed tables make it difficult to support long workpieces. So I built the extended infeed/outfeed tables for my planer shown in this photo.

Hallway Display Table PDF

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How to Build a Hallway Display Table – PDF.
Wow! Is the reaction I heard when I brought this table out of the shop. The curly maple panels and the jet-black legs make this small table a project that really stands out. But what I find more interesting are the techniques used to build it. The cutting diagrams and materials list are available to download in this Online Extra.