Coffee Table

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Coffee Table Free Woodworking Plans
First I glued up 2 of the 4 foot boards to make the top of this coffee table. I had never glued anything up like this before so I clamped the best I could, but it turns out I need more clamps. The top looks ok, but near the middle you can see a bit of a seam, where I did not have another wide enough clamp to pull the joint tight…

Fauxbius Table

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Free DIY Plans for a Fauxbius Table.
The failure of modern design is elitist pricing…A case in point: I noticed this end table, pretentiously dubbed Moebius…As a demonstration of this absurdity, I set out to reproduce the concept of the table, using hardware-store parts, at a fraction of the cost, without losing any of the functional or aesthetic appeal of the original.

Pallet Table

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How to Build a Pallet Table.
Perhaps your first question is why try to make a pallet into anything? It is a perfectly good pallet after all! Well I suppose there are several reasons. As a beginning woodworker I wanted to hone my skills on a disposable project, so why not a pallet table!. The pallets seemed like a inexpensive way to practice the craft. I also appreciate the recycling aspect of the project.

Pallet II Table

free woodworking plans, projects, tables, wooden, furniture, pallets
Free Plans to Make a Pallet II Table.
This table project was a fundamental design change from the first table. I opted for a solid piece of furniture for this table. I also choose not to hand plane the boards for this project, because I was gluing up panels I wanted more consistency. Instead of a hand plane I used a OPT. An OPT is Other Persons Tool. My friend Dave has a planer and a jointer, so I went to his house and we were able to plane 8 pallets in no time. So I am starting off with a stack of planed lumber and an idea. The first step was gluing up panels.

Coffee Table

free woodworking plans, projects, patterns, furniture, tables
Coffee Table Free Woodworking Plan
If you like the country or rustic look, this wooden coffee table will fit well with your other country decor. This durable table is unique due to its design features. It provides style as well as functionality with its parquet top and door fronts, turned posts on the corners, and center storage cabinet. Due to its solid materials and rugged construction, this wood coffee table will stand the test of time, and can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Drop Leaf Table

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Drop Leaf Table Free Plans
Our traditional drop left table is a versatile, compact piece of furniture, offering a multitude of uses in your home decorating plans. For example, placed in your entry hall under a mirror, it can be a warm welcome for your guests, or you can open both leaves and place it beside your couch to showcase a special lamp. You can even open one leaf and use the table as a bedside accent to support your reading lamp and telephone. Thanks to its versatility, the Drop Leaf table has as many possibilities as your imagination can conjure.