High Tech Tool Chest PDF

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ShopNotes High Tech Tool Chest Free Woodworking PDF Plan
It seems like every tool chest I have ever had was too heavy to move around once it was loaded up with tools. Well, that is not the case any more. With just a little high-tech aluminum riveted to some 1/4 inch plywood, I was able to build a lightweight chest that was portable and heavy-duty. The cutting diagrams and materials list are available to download in this Online Extra.

Shop Made Center Finder for Round Stock Marking Tool

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Make a Shop Made Center Finder for Round Stock Marking Tool.
I made this jig to easily find the center on round stock, such as dowels. It is just a triangular frame with a thin plate attached over one half that is used as a marking guide. To find the centerpoint, you simply butt the round workpiece into the 90 degree corner of the frame and mark a line. Then rotate the stock, and draw a second line. The intersection of the lines is the center of the stock.

Tool Recycling a Hacksaw Blade as a Scribe

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How to Recycle a Hacksaw Blade as a Scribe.
I like to use a sharp marking knife to make crisp, accurate layouts for my projects. But too often I could not find one when I needed it. So out of necessity, I decided to convert one of my over-the-hill hacksaw blades into a handy and inexpensive marking knife.