Toys Puzzle

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How to Make Toy Puzzles.
Through the generations, puzzles have always been popular with children, being one of the few toys the kids can take apart without fear of breaking them. The three puzzles presented here, have two added attractions: First, they are easy to build and second, they are thick enough to stand up on their own, once your child has pieced them together.

Impossible Stacking Sculpture Toy

free woodworking plans, projects, wooden, toys, stacking
Impossible Stacking Sculpture Toy Free Project Plans.
This simple stacking sculpture flaunts itself by apparently defying natural laws. A series of blocks are stacked in such a way that the topmost one extends beyond its supports. Viewers are convinced that the blocks are attached to each other, but closer inspection indicates that they are wholly independent The sculpture relies on some basic physical principles. Read on for a thorough description and several ideas.