Cheap Sturdy Workbench

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Cheap Sturdy Workbench free project
Chris Swingley based these workbench plans loosely on the Roubo workbench that appears in The Workbench Book by Scott Landis. It is basically a sturdy table with a thick top that uses timber frame joinery in its construction. His version is built using construction grade lumber (2 x 6, 4 x 4 pine or fir).

BuildEazy Workbench

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Workbench free project

The average DIYer would probably be content with a less elaborate workbench than a woodworker might otherwise demand. The average DIYer does not know what a mortise and tenon joint is, or a lapped dovetail joint, or a blind mitre joint, or a bridle joint. In fact, he does not want to know. The average DIYer secures all joints with bolts and nails. He is usually a jack of all trades and generally useful at most of them. This workbench is put together in typical DIY fashion. It is basic, requires the minimum of tools, is easy to construct and very, very sturdy.

Woodworker Workbench by Bob Hamilton

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Woodworker Workbench free project
The time had finally come when the frustration of chasing my Workmate around the shop while trying to hand plane a board had built up to the point that I was ready to put all other projects on hold until I finally had myself a decent workbench. I had been intending to build myself a workbench all along, but never seemed to find the time before. Now I had determined to MAKE the time.

Woodworker Workbench

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Woodworker Workbench free project
One of the first tools a beginning woodworker needs is a good solid workbench with a real woodworking vise. This bench need not be a fancy affair made of expensive woods in some classic style. The first bench must be cheap, easy to make, and solid. The following design meets this need.