Workbench Paper Roller Holder

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Workbench Paper Roller Holder free project
Here is instant protection for any kind of messy job. Before you start, just unroll enough rosin paper from this jumbo paper towel holder to protect your workbench. The thick paper absorbs all the glue or finish. When the paper gets too dirty, tear it off and throw it away. A roll of rosin paper is 170 ft. long, so one will last a long time. Here is how to build your paper holder.

Sanding Disc Alignment Tool PDF

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Make a Sanding Disc Alignment Tool
My oscillating disc sander has built-in dust collection and it works great, but only when the holes in the sanding disc are aligned with the vacuum holes in the sanders pad. And this simple requirement is not always as easy as it sounds. So rather than rely on a good aim when installing the discs, I put together sanding disc alignment tool that makes hitting the mark a sure thing.

Cabinet Scraper

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Free Cabinet Scraper Project Plan
I had a lot of trouble finding any local stores that carried wood working supplies. One of the things I wanted but no one even knew what I was talking about when I asked, was a cabinet scraper. So I spent some time online and found that you can get them from online woodworking stores, but I am also very impatient.

Shop-Made Router Edge Guide

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Make your own Shop-Made Router Edge Guide

Using Your Router

I have been using my hand-held router a lot lately. For one project, I had to rout some stopped dadoes. With this kind of cut (or when you have to rout any groove or profile near the edge of a piece) an edge guide is almost a necessity. Here is how to make this router edge guide.