Chamfer Plane PDF

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How to build a Chamfer Plane
This is Chris Swingley is version of the chamfer plane that appears in John M. Whelans Making Traditional Wooden Planes. Rather than stick with tradition, he decided to make a two piece laminated body. This makes cutting the mortise for the stop, wedge and iron much easier, and it allowed him to make the V sole by planing an angle on each half of the plane body. The iron is made from a piece of O1 tool steel, hand shaped, hardened in the wood stove and tempered in the oven. NOTE: You must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader program on your computer to view this plan.

Rip Fence Setup Gauge

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Rip Fence Setup Gauge Free Woodworking Plan
When trying to make very accurate cuts with my rip fence, I used to check the distance between the fence and my saw blade with a tape measure. But trying to hold the end of the tape against the rip fence and adjust it at the same time took more coordination than I could muster. So instead I made a simple set-up gauge for my rip fence.

Router Edge Guide Jig

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Router Edge Guide Jig free project
I have been using my hand-held router a lot lately. For one project, I had to rout some stopped dadoes. With this kind of cut, an edge guide is almost a necessity. And although most router manufacturers offer an edge guide as an accessory, it is really no trouble at all to build your own. As you can see in the photo, it is just a replacement base made of hardboard with an adjustable hardwood fence.