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Build your own plywood Waste Basket.

Waste Basket

This waste basket was built using 1/2 inch thick plywood. If you take a closer …

Build a charming Easter basket with these free plans.

Easter Basket

Here is a fun project for Easter. Build this Easter basket using these free instructions …

Build your own rustic basket using these free instructions.

Rustic Basket

Here are the free instructions to help you build your own rustic fall bushel basket. …

Free instructions to build a Harvest Basket.

Harvest Basket PDF

Build this simple wooden basket using these free downloadable instructions. Can be used for any …

Find out how to build a wooden duck basket.

Duck Basket

This is a link to a Google 3D SketchUp drawing for a simple duck basket. …

Free plans for a Waste Basket.

Waste Basket

This waste basket is great for the bathroom or perhaps the office. Build it using …

Free plans to build a basket.


A simple basket made of 1/4-inch plywood with hooked ends will keep the clothes pins …