Poker Table by Robert Kelly

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Poker Table Free DIY Project
Most of this tutorial teaches you how to apply your foam, fabric, and vinyl to the poker table. Maui Poker has put together a great page on how to cut out and build your table. Before you go any further, you can visit his site to learn the first steps. I did a few things different but pretty much ended up with the same result.

Quilt Rack by Lee

free woodworking plans, projects,quilt racks
Quilt Rack Free Woodworking Project
A quilt rack is an ideal way to display your own quilt creations, or your beautiful heirlooms that have been passed on by your grandmother. It provides the perfect way to showcase quilts and bedspreads without adding stress to the fabric. This stylish oak quilt rack will enhance any room that it is displayed in, and will add to that special country charm you strive to achieve.