Pallet Table

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How to Build a Pallet Table.
Perhaps your first question is why try to make a pallet into anything? It is a perfectly good pallet after all! Well I suppose there are several reasons. As a beginning woodworker I wanted to hone my skills on a disposable project, so why not a pallet table!. The pallets seemed like a inexpensive way to practice the craft. I also appreciate the recycling aspect of the project.

Pallet II Table

free woodworking plans, projects, tables, wooden, furniture, pallets
Free Plans to Make a Pallet II Table.
This table project was a fundamental design change from the first table. I opted for a solid piece of furniture for this table. I also choose not to hand plane the boards for this project, because I was gluing up panels I wanted more consistency. Instead of a hand plane I used a OPT. An OPT is Other Persons Tool. My friend Dave has a planer and a jointer, so I went to his house and we were able to plane 8 pallets in no time. So I am starting off with a stack of planed lumber and an idea. The first step was gluing up panels.

Tip and Turn Table PDF

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How to Build a Tip and Turn Table with Free PDF Woodworking Plans.
When you see this tip top table for the first time, it is hard to know where to focus your attention. Between the figured veneer of the top, the graceful curves of the legs, and the six-sided column, there are plenty of things to catch your eye. The cutting diagrams and materials list are available to download in this Online Extra.

Craftsman Table with Tile Top

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Craftsman Table with Tile Top Free DIY Plans.
A simple design with no-nonsense mortise and tenon joinery makes this table an irresistible project. You say you have never tried to cut a mortise and tenon joint before? Well this attractive Craftsman-style table might be a great place to start. Like most Craftsman-style pieces, this table sticks to the basics. It is mostly just straight lines and straightforward joinery. Mortise and tenon joinery is one of the cornerstones of woodworking. And once you get a good feel for it, you are well on your way to building this classic little table.