Wooden Desktop Trebuchet

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How to build a Wooden Desktop Trebuchet
The whole trebuchet stands about foot tall when unloaded and flings various things ten feet or more. Moreover, this is a nice introductory woodworking project that you can do with mostly basic tools. Make sure to check all of the images. A lot of the details are in the notes there.

Medium size Trebuchet

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How build a Medium size Trebuchet
Cathy, the program director, was looking for something neat to do as a lobby activity. Something the kids can do during free time. She suggested a catapult.
What you want is a trebuchet, I said. A catapult uses a throwing arm under torsion. It needs to be hauled back to lock and load. A trebuchet, on the other hand, uses a counterweight which could be unloaded so that kids operating it don not have their teeth knocked out by a misfire. I got the job. 🙂