All Wood Collet Lathe Check

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How to make a All Wood Collet Lathe Check
An earlier article in More Woodturning on turning wine stoppers got me thinking about collet chucks. I wondered if I could make one entirely out of wood. I thought this would be just an exercise to see if I could do it, but it surprised me with its usefulness. Although the All Wood Collet Chuck does not have the holding power and range of wooden jaws mounted in a scroll chuck, it does have adequate power for turning tops, wine stoppers, and the odd bit of dowel.

Till for Carving Gouges

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Till for Carving Gouges Free Woodworking Plan
I find it very inconvenient to try to carve from a canvas chisel roll, because I can not see the shapes of the tools. Also, the rolls take up an immense amount of real estate when spread out on the workbench, and the sharp gouges quickly cut them to shreds. I finally did something about it. I built this portable, modular carving tool till.

Lathe Mounted Vise

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How to Build a Lathe Mounted Vise.
In order to make room in my small shop for a wood lathe that I recently purchased, I had to get rid of an extra workbench. While I did not use the bench all that much, I really missed the machinists vise that was mounted on it. But then it dawned on me that I could still use the machinist vise by simply mounting it to the tailstock end of the lathe.