Planer and Miter Saw Workshop Stand

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Planer and Miter Saw Workshop Stand free project
This project was inspired from an article I saw in one of my woodworking books. Unfortunately I could not find the book again so I made my own plans. If you have a small shop like mine then every square inch of space needs to be optimized. This miter saw/planner stand helps serve that purpose. It will get my planer off of the bench and not take up much more area than my miter saw currently uses. It also gives me a couple of really nice drawers to store things.

Plywood Carrier

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Free Woodworking Plan to Build a Handy Plywood Carrier.
One of the more awkward things to handle around the shop is big sheets of plywood. With my bad shoulder it is almost impossible but with this handy plywood carrying device its a breeze. Put the plywood in the notch, pick it up with the handle and balance the top with your other hand. Now that is a lot better than the alternative!