Garden Storage Multi-use Shed

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Garden Storage Multi-use Shed Free Plans
This easy-to-build barn door, constructed of plywood siding, provides a wide entry to the shed. Inside, clerestory windows and a Plexiglas skylight lend a greenhouse atmosphere to the shed. Want to design storage shelves and bins that meet your unique storage requirements? This plan gives you a good start with deep, easy access bins for firewood, bark dust or peat moss, and a storage bin for rakes, hoes and brooms.

Under Eave Gardening Shed

Attached to the outside of the house, this 15 1/2-inch deep structure opens to reveal a spacious (7 1/2 feet by 6 feet) storage area. The 72- by 80-inch opening accommodates two barn doors, which we built from rough-sawn fence lumber, but you could save time by purchasing exterior or screen doors. Adjust the size of your sheds opening to fit the doors you select.