Ornamental Holiday Hurricane Lamp

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Ornamental Holiday Hurricane Lamp Free Lighting Project
With some projects…due to the ways they are designed…it is often about as easy to make 12 of them as it is to make only one. This Lamp is a prime example of that. Since it is comprised of just two different-shaped pieces of wood (the Sides and the Bottom), once you have established your table Saw set-ups to rip or crosscut one of the eight side pieces to size, cutting another 16 or so is a simple matter of pushing more wood past the blade.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

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Christmas Tree Ornaments free project.
Most people who turn hollow ornaments turn a batch of globes with a standard size hole, then a batch of spindles, or icicles, then glue the two together off the lathe. The results are usually beautiful, but I wanted an ornament that ran true with tight glue joints so I could cut through the join to create a smooth flow from globe to spindle.