Gummer Sled

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Free plan info to build a Gummer Sled
The Gummer is a hand sled built on the general plans of The Jumper, and it is called a gummer because it is somewhat similar to the ones used by the men known as gummers who live in the forests and make their living by collecting spruce gum for children and sales- ladies to chew.

Dan Beards Van Kleeck Bob Sled

free woodworking plans,diy projects,sleds,sleigh
Build Dan Beards Van Kleeck Bob Sled
The swiftest bob-sled … . This fast bob-sled is neither so simple nor so crude as the rustic jumpers described some time ago, and it will test your skill to build it properly, but with all the plans and measurements before you the task should not be too difficult for even a boy who can handle tools.

Telescope Mirror Grinding Stand

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How to Build a Telescope Mirror Grinding Stand.
One of the great joys of telescope making is grinding your own mirror. Now days it is easier to buy finished mirrors than grinding kits to make them. Still grinding your own mirror is a key skill that makes you a real telescope maker. To do it, you need a mirror grinding stand.