Single and Double Touring Paddles PDF

There are two paddles detailed in this pack single bladed and double bladed. It is usual to carry single bladed paddles on a canoe, but a double bladed paddle can be useful as an auxiliary when paddling by yourself or in calm conditions. There is information on sizing the paddles to the user – this is particularly important on long trips.

Cabinetmakers Workbench Drawers

The workbench in ShopNotes No. 102 (page 24) offers a lot of storage space on the shelf underneath. To make better use of that space for storing smaller items, you can build this drawer cabinet. This alternate design option is available to download in this Online Extra. This project appeared in ShopNotes Issue 102.

Cabinetmakers Workbench Animation Video

Patterned after a workbench found in wood shops at the turn of the 20th century, this traditional-style bench has it all. And it starts with the work surface. The large top provides plenty of room to work on any project. The solid-wood top also features a large face vise and shop-built tail vise. And there is plenty of storage underneath with or without the optional drawers. Classic details, like the shop-made car siding and trim molding, add to the appeal. This video highlights the construction and features of the project. This project appeared in ShopNotes Issue 102.

Air Tool Station

Air-operated tools are a great addition to any shop. But the problem often becomes how to keep all the tools, hoses, and accessories efficiently organized. This mobile work center is the answer. The cutting diagrams and materials list are available to download in this Online Extra at ShopNotes.