Soil Mixing Potting Bench

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DIY Plans for a Re-Potting Bench
This potting bench is 48 inches wide and 24 inches deep. It has a small shelf above the actual potting area. This upper shelf is handy for storing empty pots, pruning shears, plants and other essentials. It also has a lower shelf for keeping a stack of pots or anything else you might need in your potting area.

Backyard Cold Frames

free woodworking plans, projects, gardening, gardeners, cold frames
Build a Backyard Cold Frames
Simple project to protect tender plants in winter. Used to protect tender plants or rooted cuttings during the colder months, a cold frame is simply a box with a transparent lid or cover. It acts as a passive solar energy collector and reservoir. During the day, the sun’s rays heat the air and soil in the frame; at night, the heat absorbed by the soil radiates out, keeping the plants warm.

Cold Frame For Spring Planting

free woodworking plans, projects, gardening, gardeners, cold frame
Cold Frame For Spring Planting Free DIY Project
Cold frames are a great way to get a start on the spring planting season. This cold frame is very simple to build and should last a long time. It is 2 X 4 ft and made mostly of cedar. There are some modifications that were made at the end of the project you may want to check out first.