Column Wraps for a stylish front porch

Column Wraps for a stylish front porch.
The Mealers got their dream porch when local contractor Steve Roth installed PVC Column Wraps from Fypon to surround the wooden posts and added balustrade systems to enclose the entire porch area. Made of synthetic materials, the low-maintenance porch pieces resist warping, all forms of insects, decay and rot.

Apple Press/Grinder/Masher

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Apple Press/Grinder/Masher free project
Having several years earlier experimented with pressing fruits without grinding, I knew that grinding the apples before pressing was an important part of extracting the juice. [Editor Note: No detailed measurements but enough info to build one of your own.]

Simple Equatorial Telescope Mount

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How to Build a Simple Equatorial Telescope Mount.
Sometimes what you need is a quick telescope mount that you can make from readily available, inexpensive materials in one weekend. No fancy machined parts. No mail order stuff that takes two weeks to not get there. Just go down to the local home center, buy a few things, scrounge some scrap materials, and build it today.