Handyman Tablesaw Sled

If you own a table saw, you know it works great for ripping long pieces. But did you know that you can crosscut wide pieces with the same ease and accuracy? All it takes is a table saw sled.

Pumpkin Patch Trio

This woodcraft project is more time consuming to make but well worth the effort. Not only do these pumpkins look good in the daylight, but also has a great spooky look to it by night when a couple of tea lights are lit behind it.

Scarecrow and Pumpkins Craft

Decorating for fall is fun because the season offers us many different motifs to choose from like pumpkins, scarecrows, or leaves. This scarecrow out of wood is a fun project to do and is completed within 2 days.

Wilhemina the Friendly Witch

Wilhelmina is having a bad hair day but she does not care. She is not entering a fashion show, but instead likes to be a friendly guest on a shelf or window sill around Halloween time. This witch craft project has a total of 8 pieces to saw out.

Black Cat and Pumpkin Chain

Why not saw a couple of typical Halloween figures out of wood and use them for autumn decorations. This is a quick and easy weekend project for those with less time. Follow the instructions below for the sawing, painting and assembly.