Boy Pioneer Bob Sled

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Boy Pioneer Bob Sled Plans
In the other books previously mentioned the reader can find plans and descriptions of all sorts of bob-sleds, from one made with flour-barrel runners up to the latest and most improved racing bob-sled. But none of them seem so appropriate as does the following one, made of the rough material from the forest.

Gummer Sled

sleds,sleighs,toboggan,free woodworking plans,diy projects
Free plan info to build a Gummer Sled
The Gummer is a hand sled built on the general plans of The Jumper, and it is called a gummer because it is somewhat similar to the ones used by the men known as gummers who live in the forests and make their living by collecting spruce gum for children and sales- ladies to chew.

Skiboggan Sled

sleds,sleighs,toboggan,free woodworking plans
Skiboggan Sled Free Plans
In the New England States, where the snow is seldom soft and often is coated with a hard crust of ice, the runners of the native sleds, only a few inches in height, appear very low compared with the Ohio sled; even sleds with no runners at all are sometimes used. On steep, icy hills any old thing will slide, and here it is that the Skiboggan is seen in all its glory. In construction this cranky sled is simplicity itself.

Toboggan Sled

sleds,sleighs,free woodworking plans,toboggan
Build a Toboggan Sled
This sled, familiar to all who visit Canada during the winter months, is more like a mammoth snowshoe than the ordinary sled, sleigh or jumper that we are accustomed to see. It is suitable for the deep snow and heavy drifts of the northern countries, where the runners of a common sleigh would be liable to break through the crust and bury themselves.