Planer Table Adjustable

My portable planer works great for planing lumber to final thickness. The problem is, the short infeed and outfeed tables make it difficult to support long workpieces. So I built the extended infeed/outfeed tables for my planer shown in this photo.

Workbench with Lumber Storage

Finding the space for lumber storage has always been a problem for me. So when I built a new workbench recently, I decided to incorporate some lumber storage. The base of the bench is built primarily out of two-by stock. It consists of four trestles that support the benchtop and provide a place for creating a rack to hold lumber.

Workshop Finishing Stand

Putting a new spin on finishing your projects. Painting a door is one of those projects that always seems to take twice as long as it should. That is because after painting one side of the door, you have to let the paint dry before you can turn the door over to paint the other side. To get around this problem ShopNotes Editor, Phil Huber, came up with a simple solution. He built a couple of support stands that hold the door without touching it, allowing you to paint both sides at one time.