Press for Gluing Stacked Bowl Blanks

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Build a Press for Gluing Stacked Bowl Blanks.
Until recently, I used my drill press to clamp layers of wood together for vases or bowl blanks. Problem is, the drill press is not really designed for this task, and I actually bent the rack gear on a large drill press doing it. After that, I decided there had to be a better and less expensive way. Here are free plans to build the shop press for glueing bowl blanks.

Adjustable Taper Jig

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How to build an Adjustable Taper Jig
I recently needed to cut some tapered pieces for a project and didn not want to invest in a manufactured jig. So I built the simple tablesaw tapering jig you see in the photo. It doesn not take much material to build the jig. You probably have just about everything you’ll need lying around your shop.