Over the Bench Tool Rack

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Build Yourself an Over the Bench Tool Rack.
Since my workbench is in the middle of the shop, there is not an electrical outlet nearby to plug my power tools into. And trailing an extension cord across the floor is a safety hazard. So I decided to build an overhead rack to hang a strip of outlets above the bench.

Build a Glue Bottle Tote

free woodworking plans, projects, workshop jigs, workshop storage, glue bottle
Build a Glue Bottle Tote.
When it comes to gluing up a project, I can never seem to remember where I left the glue bottle the last time I used it. And once I find the glue bottle, I am forever shaking it and pounding on it as if it were a bottle of ketchup, trying to get the glue to come out. My solution was to make this simple glue bottle tote.